Berckemeyer Sailboats

BM23 Anker von hinten

Designing boats can be as challenging and as complex as designing a building.  This German boat designer customizes a wide range of sailing vessels.  While some of their designs are constructed of cold molded mahogany in a foam sandwich, aluminum is the preferred material for safety and longevity.  A mix of teak and plastics usually line the interiors and decks.  Western Red Cedar strip construction is considered one of the faster and higher quality materials for hulls.

Sailboats are designed on a CAD system today, much like a building, for accuracy and for the construction of prefabricated parts.  Sharp corners create turbulence and drag while perfectly curved parts are more efficient and aesthetically more pleasing, which are easier to achieve today with computers.

BM23 Bau 3 BM24 HafenLA28_Hull_1 LA28-03_Stb-AchternBM23 General  BM24 vor Anker

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