Family House


What does an architect do when stricter-than-normal, local building regulations that include the shape and pitch of the roof, the height of construction, and the distances from the property lines, curb your design process for a modern house?

Here in the Czech Republic, studio pha uses restraint with materials to achieve the desired modernity.  Using almost the most simple shapes and forms of a house, the architects achieve a level of modern minimalism while complying with these neighborhood codes. The clean edges form the mass of the house.  Any interference to this, such as gutters and drainpipes, are embedded inside the wall. There are no eaves or overhangs to complicate the profile of the massing. The windows are located by the simple necessity of the interior floorplans.

The beauty of this house comes from its simplicity of form, restraint in details and expression of wood.stringio-3stringio-1stringio-2stringio-4stringio

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