Dietlind Wolf

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Ceramics are, in the most basic sense, clay pots and vessels that have been hardened by heat.

Dietlind Wolf began making ceramics in her friend’s basement when she couldn’t find the colors, textures and shapes she desired.  She was inspired by the Sung Dynasty ceramics she saw in the Museum of East Asian Art as well as the aesthetics of Japanese Wabi-Sabi and Chinese Daoismus.

An artist and designer from Hamburg, who previously worked as a prop stylist for food, Wolf thinks a lot about materiality and how the senses respond to certain ceramics and stoneware.  Her designs are each unique in texture, shape and color.  They are modern and give a new language to ceramics and how food is presented.

What I find compelling about Wolf’s ceramics is the way the clay clearly shows the result of being touched by the hand and how this uniqueness brings great beauty to each piece.

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