What is a Glu-Lam?


Glued Laminated wood is an engineered, dimensioned timber consisting of multiple wood pieces essentially glued together to create a larger, more powerful construction member.  These high-strength construction units are factory-made which gives them known, controlled and specifically designed characteristics.  “Glu-Lams,” in comparison to regular construction timber, optimize our natural resources by not using solid pieces of wood, which requires older trees, but are composed of a smaller or younger variety of trees.

Glu-lams give designers more creative freedom to efficiently and affordably design larger spaces.  Glu-lams are usually used for large-scale projects where a large expanse of open space is needed such as for arenas or large gathering areas.  However the glu-lam can also be used for the smaller scale projects, such as homes,  giving more freedom in wood construction.  Glu-lams can be engineered into curves and unusual shapes not usually possible in traditional wood construction.

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