3D Print

Ivy-Maison-203-Clutch-Odo-Fioravanti-13D printing refers to the creation of an object from the direction and guidance of a computer.  Some say the process is the beginning of a new industrial revolution given how it could impact almost every industry, including architecture and construction, and even medicine.

This purse is an example of how it has inspired the fashion industry.  Italian brand Maison 203 and industrial designer Odo Fioravanti designed this 3D printed clutch-style purse based on the geometry of a flower.  It is a football-shaped, icosahedric structure, meaning it has 20 faces to its shape.

The purse is 3D printed from sintered (layered) nylon giving it a hard, structured feel, and then is colored by hand.  It can be worn with a chain or used as a hand-held clutch.


Ivy-Maison-203-Clutch-Odo-Fioravanti-3-600x899 Ivy-Maison-203-Clutch-Odo-Fioravanti-3a-600x398 Ivy-Maison-203-Clutch-Odo-Fioravanti-4-600x432 Ivy-Maison-203-Clutch-Odo-Fioravanti-5-600x829 Ivy-Maison-203-Clutch-Odo-Fioravanti-6-600x380 Ivy-Maison-203-Clutch-Odo-Fioravanti-8-600x433 Ivy-Maison-203-Clutch-Odo-Fioravanti-10-600x400

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