This white concrete chapel in Zollfeld, Austria exemplifies the beauty of simplicity and purity of form.  Architect Gerhard Sacher designed this family chapel to commemorate Maria Magdalena for family ceremonies, contemplation, festivities and tranquility.  The chapel is set within the holy proximity of the Hochosterwitz Castle and the pilgrmage church of Magdalensberg.  A dark bronze cross stand on the east-west axis to contrast the chapel’s pure white form.

The sculptural capacity of concrete makes it an appropriate material to mark the landscape in this symbolic and powerful manner. The white color is integral and is made by using white Portland cement and white sand in the concrete mix — a higher cost than normal grey.


Chapel-Maria-Magdalena-by-Sacher-Locicero-architects-7-600x749 Chapel-Maria-Magdalena-by-Sacher-Locicero-architects-8-600x750 Maria-Magdalena-chapel-by-Sacher-Locicero-Architectes-photo-Paul-Ott_dezeen_468_5

Werknutzungsbewilligung für Gerhard Sacher. loci cero. architectes, Graz

Werknutzungsbewilligung für Gerhard Sacher. loci cero. architectes, Graz

Maria-Magdalena-chapel-by-Sacher-Locicero-Architectes-photo-Paul-Ott_dezeen_468_7 Maria-Magdalena-chapel-by-Sacher-Locicero-Architectes-photo-Paul-Ott_dezeen_468_18

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