Renovate/ Innovate


Sometimes small, simple moves can transform a space or a home.  This existing 1950’s home was unusually long and narrow. It had good bones but a dysfunctional floorplan, according to the architect, Georgia Bizios. Through a few small additions and removing interior walls, it was transformed into a beautiful modern and functional home.

The original home was a 118’ by 22’ long space on a scenic and sloped lot in Durham, NC.  With a simple 400 square feet added and a screened porch, this long gallery-style home was reoriented into more open spaces. Off-the-shelf construction materials and a few custom touches were all that were needed to create the light-filled spaces, and a clean, restrained beauty.

21-redo Bizios-June-2015-5 Bizios-June-2015-8-675x300-1441741211 contemporary-bedroom The-Gallery-House-3154_Image-4

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