Anthony Hartley


Anthony Hartley is an artist/ furniture maker/ carpenter/ architect and structural engineer — educated in fine art but the rest he came to by self-made ambition.  His lines of furniture are hand-made from oak, birch plywood and plastic laminated colors. The Bespoke Line, shown here, embraces laminated birch plywood and lacquered colorful finishes pushing wood joinery to new lengths.

Hartley credits his inspiration for the work to the great modernist Gerald Rietvald and to the bold architect Frank Gehry.  While these influences can be seen, what Hartley has created is a collection of art that is clearly in his own voice.

All pieces are constructed from his hand drawings out of his Yorkshire, England studio.  The success of these works is due to a masterful understanding of materials, structures, artistic creativity as well as years of working with wood joinery.

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