Endangered, almost Extinct


Milton Small was a student of Mies van de Rohe and an early Modern architect in Raleigh, NC. Small built a considerable number of houses and buildings in the Triangle area during his life.  One particular building, the Northwestern Insurance Building on Glenwood Avenue, received national acclaim in 1965 for its clean-lined beauty and simple elegance and was featured on the front cover of the New York Times as an example of good design.

The influence of Mies is clear in the palette of steel, concrete, and glass.  The steel-columned promenade circles the building in front of floor-to-ceiling grey glazing. The horizontal roof-line and mass hover over these columns, and is  balanced by the plinth below. Stainless steel handrails encircle the exterior, giving a human scale and additional rhythm to this Modern symphony.

Today this building sits empty, waiting to be destroyed by the Bank of North Carolina. Is the historic value of this building going to be unrecognized and lead to its destruction? The demolition permit has been applied for to build a larger, banal office building with zero cultural or architectural significance.

Let’s try to save it by contacting Rick Callicutt, the President of Bank of NC to voice your opinion TODAY, [email protected].


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