Digital wood is made by using a CAD-based laser cutter to shape hundreds of layers of wood which are then assembled by hand into precisely shaped objects, such as these vases, stools, light fixtures and bowls.  These objects take on organic and natural forms.

LMBRJK is a Belgium-based design studio of Masa Lancaric and Jon Kleinhample, who was trained as an architect.  The duo set out to explore new ways of intersecting the natural forms of materials and the new freedom of digital fabrication, which they think of as combining natural and synthetic ecologies.

They see themselves as modern-day lumberjacks – hence their studio name – LMBRJK.



lmbrjk_process_c lmbrjk_process_d lmbrjk_process_g+web LMBRJK-1000px-_0008_NO_1_a_1024x1024 SADL+STOOL_RAW SADL+STOOL_SANDED+2lmbrjk_process_f+webBELlight_PadoakRaw1_small

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