Rammed Earth Construction


Rammed earth construction makes for a beautiful, efficient and durable building material.  In certain geographical areas, local earth or soil can be pneumatically tamped into a wood formwork to create layers of walls to a desired height and thickness.

The result is a load-bearing and thermally efficient wall.  Due to the horizontal layers created in the process, the walls can have a striated, organic pattern that connects to its local landscape.  This pattern can be controlled for a more regular striation and color or to create variations in color and uneven waves of soil.

Surprisingly more than 40 percent of the world’s population uses earth as a building material.  Dry climates help preserve the result, so rammed earth is more successful in areas such as Australia and the southwest U.S.

Architects like rammed earth because it uses local and easily available materials and because of its energy efficiency and unique aesthetic.Sparrenburg-visitor-centre-by-Max-Dudler_dezeen_468_23nkmip ccramed earthlehmtonerde atrammedearth-1Sparrenburg-visitor-centre-by-Max-Dudler_dezeen_468_5


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