Chilewich is a brand name for a woven vinyl material that was discovered by designer Sandy Chilewich in 2000.  With her architect husband, Joe Sultan, they have brought a line of modern, innovative, and resilient household products to the market, from table clothes and placemats to rug tiles and wall coverings.

Made in America, the material is often referred to as “plynyl” where woven plastics have expanded the textile industry.  Chilewich is also considered a greener plastic through the elimination of petroleum-based plasticizers and the use of phthalate-free compounds.

Chilewich comes in a wide array of colors and a wide range of different weaves — from a basketweave to a boucle, to a tight bamboo weave to an open transparent weave.  Chilewich is also used in commercial buildings for wall to wall flooring and large window treatments.

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