Stucco is a wall coating made up of aggregate, a binder and water.  It is applied wet and dries to a hard solid.  Traditional stucco could be used as an interior or exterior wall covering and was applied in three coats, usually over a stone or brick backdrop.  With wood construction, stucco was applied to a metal lath or wire mesh to give the wall support and strength.

Stucco for centuries was used as a decorative and sculptural material in reliefs, wall paintings, and figurative decorations — most particularly in Baroque and Rococo architecture.

In the 1980’s a synthetic, low-quality stucco wall system was introduced called E.I.F.S. (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) or Dryvit – which is a wall sandwich system used as an inexpensive way to achieve the look of stucco.

Today when “real” stucco is used as an exterior coating, it is usually made up of sand, portland cement, lime and water but can also include synthetic fibers and acrylics to add strength, color, texture and flexibility. Stucco can give a sculptural, durable, low-maintenance and beautiful exterior finish.

Contemporary-stucco-and-wood-house300px-Exteriorinsulation1e0bfc__Modern-home-of-stone-stucco-and-wood stucco-siding300px-Eifs

EIFS wall system


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