Who was Mies?


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was an architect who lived from 1886-1969 who helped to establish a new architecture style based on simplicity, clarity, no ornament and modern materials such as steel and glass.  He understood this as an honest style and a natural transition in the early twentieth-century, expressive of a world where technology, production and modern times abounded.

Mies was the last Director of the Bauhaus before immigrating to teach at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago where he was a significant and bold educator while continuing to practice.  His most noted works are the Farnsworth House, the Barcelona Pavilion and furniture, the Seagram building and Lake Shore Drive apartments.

Mies’ story and work fills volumes of books.  His legacy revolves around his work in forging a new era in architecture that celebrates clarity in design and honesty in materials and construction.

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