Stainless steel was developed in 1913 by an English metallurgist who accidentally found that adding chromium to a low carbon steel gives it a resistance to stains.  When a minimum amount of 12% chromium is added to steel it is made resistant to rust or stains.  The chromium forms with oxygen to create a protective film on the steel, and if scratched or cut, immediately fills the exposed service to protect it.

Stainless steel is used daily in kitchen utensils, cookware or kitchen appliances. It is also common in architecture and design found everywhere from structural to ornamental uses.  As with all metals, stainless steel is available in a wide range of configurations dependent on its use.

Disney Hall House77_PanelsClosed_450W sheet tin metal in production hall tensile-structure-steel-cable-stainless-steel-85704-3721475stainless-steel-snack-bowl  the-knot-19-sculpture-design_le-architecture

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