Lucite is a trade name we often see used as the material name for Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) also known as acrylic.  Plexiglass, Acrylite, and Lucite are all trade names to describe an acrylic plastic.  It was created in 1843 as a shatter-resistant alternative to glass.  Lucite was founded in 1937 as a trademark of DuPont.

PMMA is economical and strong while scratches can be easily removed by heating the surface or polishing.  These plastics are now seen everywhere from outdoor glassware to high-end coffee tables to applications in almost every profession from the auto industry to healthcare.

Lucite in architecture and design can be colored, frosted, etched and in any thickness and shape.  Its versatility is endless and has given glass products a run for its money.

5zmwdo1colored-lucite-chairsReiss store facade acrylicbeijing-nac-inhabitat.com_2  images-2Moderne Chinoise lucite table via smallshopstudio.compl3577-Modern-and-elegant-lucite-float-table

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