Teak is a tropical hardwood mainly found in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, African, the Caribbean and Burma. Teak has a tight grain, high oil content, and a high tensile strength which makes it a very durable and strong material.  This brownish/red wood also is very durable and water resistant, making it an obvious choice for any application with contact with water.  We most often see teak boats, outdoor furniture, flooring, countertops and modern furniture.  It will eventually fade to a silvery grey color over time.

While teak has been used for centuries for furniture, it was really the Danes who brought the beauty of the wood to the forefront in modern design.  Teak remains associated with this mid-century modern style.  Here are some of my favorites examples.

Danish Teak Coffee Table 2_0 Danish-Teak-Classics-Cabinet high-back-danish-teak-dining-chairs-30655DSCN4413_l  teak-naturalimg_00545

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