Russell Wright, (1904-1976), renown American industrial designer, is well known for his dinnerware and manifesto on “good design is for everyone.”  Wright, (no relationship to Frank Lloyd Wright) and his wife Mary (Albert Einstein’s niece) were design geniuses who had no boundaries in designing objects and spaces around them.  Their accomplishments and contributions were endless.

He designed his own home and studio in Garrison, New York on 75 acres in 1957, as a retreat for him and his daughter after the death of Mary.  Today the mid-century house is on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic landmark.  Manitoga, the name of the house, studio and acres of woodland gardens is considered today an example of the designer’s eco-sensitive, Modern and forward-thinking expertise.

What is unique about Manitoga, which today serves as a community arts space and museum, is its setting and relationship to nature.  Built within a former granite quarry, the house sensitively uses the natural world around it to create a magical home and studio.  Wright designed the furniture and spent years experimenting and testing materials merging the manmade with nature.

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