PreFab Mod


The past decade has seen a huge leap in progress for prefab homes.  The term no longer carries the preconceived, unpleasant baggage the name once did.  Many modern pre-fab housing companies have emerged to ensure a beautiful, somewhat custom and affordable house in a short time period.  Many companies today provide an end product that looks anything but a prefab home.

This 3,000 square foot home, called the Breezehouse, has sliding glass walls, tall ceilings, luxury materials and a large host of personalized design features.  Material options include different variations of Western Red Cedar plank or fiber-cement board siding paired with five different metal roof specifications.  Interior materials include hardwood floors, tile and most of the same material options expected in traditional construction projects.

The reason why prefab can sometimes be a good idea is it provides faster construction, set financing and pricing, lower overall costs and the concept of a “house off the shelf” which eliminates many of the middle-party construction services such as engineering and some sub-contractors.  Blu Homes is just one of these companies that provides a prefab home allowing for thousands of customization options as in traditional construction.


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