Wooden Aquarelle


“Wooden Aquarelle” is a method of coloring wood surfaces with a liquid pigment.  It uses the cellular structure and absorbing qualities of wood to create colorful compositions.  The result emphasizes and celebrates the grain patterns of the material.

Meike Harde, a German designer, originated this technique for a collection of color stains for wood furniture, panels, artwork, and floor tiles.  The water-based pigment sinks into the wood fibers and spreads randomly to create an ethereal pattern of color.  The results are beautifully unexpected, streaked, contrasting, soft and yet never alike.  Wood has a new language with this color vocabulary.


meike-harde-wooden-aquarelle-2-600x398 meike-harde-wooden-aquarelle-6-600x399 meike-harde-wooden-aquarelle-7-600x399  meike-harde-wooden-aquarelle-11-600x399 meike-harde-wooden-aquarelle-17-600x904 meike-harde-wooden-aquarelle-20-600x451

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