Classic Modern


Even Modernism has classics.  Charles and Ray Eames are design icons for their prolific work in all areas of design that they called “making a better world.”  They are an admirable team, designing significant contributions including furniture, architecture, industrial design and the arts.

Perhaps their most iconic classic is the Eames chair, designed in 1956.  Representing the Modern principle of materiality, they combined molded plywood with soft leather cushions. The Eames designed a chair for comfort and for looks….a hardy challenge.

Still popular today, the chair is manufactured and trademarked by Henry Miller and Vitra.  Each chair is hand built, licensed and touted as a symbol of luxurious comfort and good design.

Charles & Ray Eames  eames-walnut-stool-b-shape-6-34811LI_ELO_P_20051019_003_P-625x500

Charles & Ray Eames, 1956

Charles & Ray Eames, 1956

Charles and Ray Eames

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