Long Island Mod


This single family home is located in Amagansett, New York in a busy beach-side village where acoustics became a driving design consideration.  The home is constructed of structural insulated panels, or SIPS, which give a 20” thick wall that produces excellent acoustical and thermal properties.  The wall assembly is constructed of a concrete core wrapped in insulating foam that also served as formwork during construction.

Cedar panels, the typical vernacular siding for this area, are held in place by custom-made stainless steel clips.  The panels are held in tension to allow for maximum expansion and contraction of the wood through the diverse temperature changes of Long Island.  The clips give a new and modern look to the typical cedar siding house.

The architects, Bates Masi, use the SIPS panels effectively to create a series of parallel planes of solids and voids that compose the spaces and control both light and sound.


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