This Corten steel planter was designed by industrial designer Randy Rollner who studied at Parsons before opening a manufacturing business in 1997.  Planterworx uses recycled materials and eco-friendly processes to design their architectural metal products.  Their products are clean-lined and sculptural.

This Corten steel vessel comes to the buyer as a raw silver-colored steel. After 3-9 months the surface naturally patinas or weathers before self-sealing itself.  The natural beauty of weathered steel will vary upon climates and locations.  Corten steel can vary from colors of red/orange to turquoise green.  Its beauty comes from its natural properties.

PD_25689_ALT11 PD_25689_ALT14 PD_25689_ENV3 PD_25689_MAIN PD_25695_ALT2 PD_25695_ALT13 PD_25695_MAIN

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