Concrete Home


This house is located in Penafiel, Portugal.  The strong rectangular form was made by casting the concrete in place, and is punctuated by large spanses of glass that create views of the green landscape as well as the neighboring suburban context.  The long concrete rectangle rests lightly along a long hill with minimal invasiveness. The home uses the existing topography to create terraces, courtyards and yards.  The raw concrete is contrasted with the areas of frameless glass, wood floors and weathered steel.  A structural steel system is offset from the concrete walls to allow for the large areas of glass.

Pure and simple lines as well as raw honest materials make this house a beautiful alternative to suburban living.


Sambade-House-spaceworkers-22-600x598 Sambade-House-spaceworkers-20-600x680 Sambade-House-spaceworkers-12-600x538 Sambade-House-spaceworkers-7-600x702Sambade-House-spaceworkers-10-600x631  Sambade-House-spaceworkers-5-600x583

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