Tolix Chair


Frenchman Xavier Pauchard who lived from 1880 to 1948 was a pioneer in galvanizing steel and worked to make household objects out of sheet metal in Autun, Burgundy.  In 1927 he trademarked TOLIX, producing durable, rust-proof and stackable chairs for battleships, hospitals, outdoor cafes and public parks.

In 1934 the Model A chair was born and lives on today in popularity for its industrial aesthetics and good design.  Today you can find this chair in a rainbow of colors and variations with TOLIX still being its branding of authenticity and quality.  The Model A chair can be found street-side at an outdoor cafe, in an office or a country villa — its good design carries it to a wide range of venues.

The process of galvanizing is where a metal (steel or iron) is dipped in zinc to protect the surface from rusting.  Galvanized steel is corrosion-resistant due to the zinc acting as a sacrificial anode.

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