Hill House


The Hill House combines a simple geometry with a limited material palette that together poetically perch on top of a beautiful site.

This house plan is long and narrow, 20’ x 115’, and set on a long rocky hillside lot in Winthrop, Washington.  Its eastern wall is wrapped in rusted steel, and anchors the house like a rusty blade cutting into the land, a reference to the history of mining in the area.  The metal wall wraps up and over to make the roof.  The other three sides are left open, framed in glass.

During the summer months the usable space grows to 2200 square feet, with the glass walls opening up to include outdoor spaces.  In cooler months, living areas retreat to a modest 1100 square feet.

The house is held in place on the slope by gabion stone walls — metal wire mesh acting as a form to hold stones in place that were found on site.  Recycled steel, sustainably harvested wood, and sustainable building systems are also used.


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