Modern Bamboo


Bamboo is categorized as both a species of grass and a species of tree, depending on the location and genus, with over 1400 types identified today.  It can also be one of the fastest growing plants on the earth — with the fastest varieties growing up to 35 inches in 24 hours.  Its invasiveness nature is a serious consideration.

Bamboo has a high strength-to-weight ratio making it an ideal structural material and in some regions of the world it is regularly used for construction. Throughout the world and throughout history, it has been used in furniture, weaponry, building scaffolding, and for everyday utensils such as for cooking and fishing poles.

Today we see bamboo used more often in flooring, fencing, furniture and ornamental landscape.  Its aesthetic includes regular verticality, rich color variations and tightly grained surface patterns. It can be used to evoke an Asian theme as well as a Modern language.  Bamboo is also becoming more popular today because of its environmentally-friendly characteristics.  Using bamboo helps reduce the destruction and deforesting of trees as well as having one of the highest absorb-ions of carbon dioxide than any other plant — bamboo puts out 35% more oxygen than trees.


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