Urban Oasis


This house is located in a busy area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The courtyard design internalizes away from the street-life while allowing light into all portions of the home.  With the help of vegetation, diverse materials and a courtyard scheme, Gisele Taranto Architects were able to create a haven from the city life.  Using the local vegetation which is tropical and thick, the architects surrounded the house to dampen the urban noise.

Large pivoting doors act as shutters, allowing for the owners to open and close large portions of the house depending on weather and noise levels.  Thin metal louvers likewise can be manipulated to regulate light.  Frosted glass panels line the entry walk, again helping with noise buffering, but also revealing light and the beauty of the vegetation.

The rich mix of materials all work together, acting as a metaphor for city life and all of its diversity.  Black brick, stone, white metal panels, steel, glass and many types of wood all come together in a collage of beauty.


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