Brass is Back

bowl_brassBrass is an alloy of zinc and copper with variable proportions (basic brass is usually 67% copper, 33% zinc).  The metal is a distinctive yellow color most often seen in musical instruments such as trumpets, tubas, trombones.  Architecturally we often see brass in hardware, lighting, memorial plates, handrails and sills.  It’s a corrosion resistant metal and is hardy in outdoor, low-friction applications.  It has lost favor in the past few decades with the popularity of aluminum, steel, and other less-flashy metals.

However we are seeing a resurgence of brass in modern design.  Because of the relative malleability of brass, its properties lends itself to many applications and sculptural forms.  Given the right format and setting, brass can have its place in modern design.

Amazing-golden-touchaldaba-innova-074-lever-door-handles-backplate-satin-brassVoid+PendantHeight-30cm-x-Diameter-57cm-in-brass  Etched+Pendant

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