Eladio Dieste


Eladio Dieste is a little-known architect and engineer from Uraguay.  He lived from 1917 to 2000 and developed a unique Modernist language in his built works that is not the more typical language of glass, steel and concrete.

Dieste used his native Latin American brick to create forms and shapes in Modern aesthetic.  He established his own engineering and construction firm early in his career and filled his portfolio with public buildings such as churches, bus terminals, and warehouses.  His structural systems were dynamic and usually involved brick vaults and brick folded planes.  Many of his building are ingenious structural masterpieces.

His main philosophy rotated around the interrelatedness of structure, material and geometry and how they can be synthesized together.  I like that he was true to his local material – brick – and adapted its qualities to some very Modernist forms.

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