Mirror Mirror

Back facade

Mirror glass is a glass coated with a thin layer of a reflective metal, usually aluminum, so that one can look out one side of the glass, and with a reflective side on the other.  This glass is unlike a true mirror as light passes equally through both sides of the glass. However when light is brighter on the mirrored side, the transparency is reduced.

The “Mirror House” was built as an experiment by a Netherlands architecture firm as a study in how a home can literally reflect its environment, echoing and meshing with the green foliage around it.  The house is a simple rectangular floorplan that sits almost flush with the ground plane with sliding glass doors that open up and allow for the one-ness with the green landscape.

Mirrored glass is usually synonymous with tall glass skyscrapers, such as the iconic Hancock Tower in Boston by I.M. Pei, built in 1976.  Here the glass is used in a more sensitive and responsive manner – showcasing how this type of glass can become relevant in a residential context as well.



experimental-mirror-house-with-linear-layout-and-minimalist-aesthetic-3-thumb-autox839-31665experimental-mirror-house-with-linear-layout-and-minimalist-aesthetic-5-thumb-630xauto-31669  experimental-mirror-house-with-linear-layout-and-minimalist-aesthetic-2-thumb-autox839-31663 experimental-mirror-house-with-linear-layout-and-minimalist-aesthetic-6-thumb-630xauto-31671Floor planexperimental-mirror-house-with-linear-layout-and-minimalist-aesthetic-8-thumb-630xauto-31675


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