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Slate is a beautiful, versatile and readily available stone that has been in the building industry for centuries.  Among it’s properties is a very low water absorption index, making it almost a waterproof material.  It also has one of the lowest embodied energy ratings with durability that can last hundreds of years.  Slate recently received a big endorsement from the LEED energy rating program.  For these reasons, slate is an excellent roofing material which is where we most often see it.  We also see slate on flooring and pathways where its durability and buttery-smooth surface is ideal.

Slate is naturally found in many colors: blue, black, grey, green, pink, red and a wide range in between.  It can also be solid or be mottled depending on the desired look.

It’s exciting to see slate being used more recently in more creative applications.  These include building sidings and bathroom tiles, as well as seeing the stone cut in new dimensions to give a more creative and modern aesthetic. Take a look at these images to see the stone in a modern light.

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