New Year Stars


John Kostick is a designer who takes the material properties of metals to artistic geometric explorations.  His work revolves around the age-old principle of ‘push and pull’ or tension and compression.  Symmetry and structural integrity are the results of the linear components and this tension/compression relationship.

Kostick became fascinated with these forms from a mathematical and structural principle known as tensegrity or tensional integrity, and many of these principles trace back to Buckminster Fuller and his geometric domes.

Kostick today lives in Massachusetts where he hand produces these foldable, multi-axis stars out of bronze which beautifully patina over time.  His designer wife, Jane, produces works in wood.  Kostick obtained a patent in 1970 for his stars and sells them worldwide as ornaments, decorations, puzzles and pure art.  He also works in glass and plastics.  As a true mathematician, artist, engineer and craftsman, its great to see a designer using mathematical principles and material properties to produce modern art.


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