Cedar has been used as a building material for centuries due to its inherent properties that make it resistant to rot, decay and insects.  Cedar also shrinks or warps less than most other woods.  It has a high thermal insulating capacity as well as being sound resistant.  Cedar has a long life span and requires less maintenance — both valuable characteristics in wood construction.

In the US, we most often see cedar used in architecture in the northeast where hard winters make it a good choice for exteriors.  Cape Cod and New England are well known for their use of cedar shingles and cedar siding.

Cedar is a pine and has many different species that grow in damp areas all of the world.  Its natural patina ranges from a rich red to a soft grey.  One can lock in any shade of these colors with sealants.

For all these qualities, this time-tested material continues to be well used in modern design, such as in the buildings below.

WRCLA-billboard  f217c__Martin-Lancaster-House-by-MacKay-Lyons-Sweetapple-Architects-1Contemporary-Townhouse-architecture-design-idea-side-viewdezeen_Coldwater-Studio-by-Casey-Hughes-Architects_02cedar-trees-for-sale

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