The Future of Fashion


Modernity in Fashion can be interpreted in many ways. This example illustrates one of these: Fashion aligning with advancements in textile technology.

Israeli fashion designer, Noa Raviv, created 3D printed clothing to produce a line of dresses, tops and bathing suits.  Raviv designed these textiles from pleated fabric, tulle, silk organza and had them created from a 3D printing process.  Modernity here is the aesthetic results achieved through the technical process — when the designer works hand-in-hand with the production process.

The results are stunning and bold graphic lines.  Perhaps some pieces are not realistic for everyday life, but for the fashion world these are modern, elegant and exciting.


noa-raviv-graduate-collection11-600x900 noa-raviv-graduate-collection3-600x900 noa-raviv-graduate-collection5-600x900


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