430 House


This house is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and was renovated last year by Darcy Jones Architects.  The house was originally built in 1981, and for better or worse, was nothing more than a typical suburban house on a very tight 33 foot wide lot.

The architects made lemonade out of lemons by reconfiguring the interior floorplan to better function for the owners’ daily life, but to also artistically carve the space to create some well designed volumes.  The architects also wrapped the exterior of the house with new materials and gave a new material palette to the interior to give the home a more current and updated look.

What I find noteworthy about this project is not so much how it was updated with all ‘new’ materials but how a plain anonymous suburban home can be transformed spatially into a more functional and current piece of architecture, through good design and materials together.

LAM_14 LAM_13 LAM_3LAM_9LAM_11  LAM_6 LAM_5

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