House in Liechtenstein


This house, built in 2013, is located on a sloped lot in Schaan, Liechtenstein with views in the distance of mountains of Switzerland, and Austria.

Concrete, copper, wood and glass are the four prime materials.  The exterior is clad in a white pine, a locally grown wood, that has weathered to a light grey color.  The locally obtained copper has already begun to weather to also represent the home’s transformative nature.  Large openings of glass frame the distant views but also give the feeling of living directly on the land.  And concrete walls mark perimeters, outlines and frames.

The home contains geo-thermal heating, a solar hot-water system and ecologically-sensitive materials to meet the strict, local sustainability standards.

What I find most compelling about this house is its sensitivity to the land, while also paying homage and respect to local materials and methods.


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