The Kettle House


This house is located on a seven acre lot in East Hampton, New York, and is the result of a much-needed renovation to a 1980’s home.  Not only was the floorplan improved and made into a more open and free-flowing space, the materials introduced make for a complementary and respectful use for the existing landscape — white pine and views of a kettle-hole pond. (A kettle hole is a shalllow, sediment-filled body of water formed by retreating glaciers or draining floodwaters.)

Cement board, red cedar siding and commercial windows create an elevation composition that is almost Mondrian in proportions and beauty.  On the interior, Architect Robert Young used the red cedar and cement panels again to accentuate the blur between inside and outside.  Warm colors and fabrics, along with other woods on the interior, create warmth and reference the surrounding woodlands.

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