Aseda Glass


Swedish glass company Aseda Glasbruk operated from 1947 to 1977 out of the small town of Aseda, Sweden. The pieces produced were recognized for their colors and unusual shapes and quickly became a Mid-Century Modern hit.  Bo Borgstrom and Arthur Percy were two of the main designers, their names sometimes appearing on the recognizable Aseda stickers.  My parents, who were 1950’s Modernists, collected a few of their pieces which we treasure today.

The vases are usually very thinly-blown glass with an almost paperweight base.  The line can be identified by a small silver Aseda sticker.  The company was bought out by Krona-Bruken AB in 1974 and then, sadly, went bankrupt in 1977, when all production of Aseda glass stopped.  Today, Aseda can still be found on select auction house websites.

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