Orchard House


There are two things I instinctively love about this house.  I love how the designers took an almost-caricature form of a house (box with triangle roofline) and made it into an elegant modern design.  Secondly I love the light and ethereal use of interior material choices.

This two-floored home in Ohno, Japan sits within a persimmon tree orchard.  It is a simple rectangular floorplan with a hip roof.  The architects designed the private areas to be located in the corners of the rectangle leaving the middle section open and expansive feeling, despite its tight footprint.

Glass, concrete, and wood are the three main materials, appropriately used given the goal of capturing views of the surrounding landscape.  The interior materials also help to create a space of lightness that is captured with an earthly elegance.


House_in_Ohno_by_Airhouse_Design_Office_dezeen_468_35 House_in_Ohno_by_Airhouse_Design_Office_dezeen_468_32 House_in_Ohno_by_Airhouse_Design_Office_dezeen_0 House_in_Ohno_by_Airhouse_Design_Office_dezeen_468_36 House_in_Ohno_by_Airhouse_Design_Office_dezeen_468_23

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