This 2,500 square-foot house in Aptos, California was designed by Steven Ehrlich Architects and showcases how the metal Rheinzink can be used successfully in domestic architecture.  Rheinzink is a titanium zinc alloy that contains 99.99% zinc with the remainder being a small mix of titanium and copper.  This combination produces an incredibly low-maintenance and malleable metal that will patinate or weather to a medium to dark blue-gray color.

Rheinzink is recognized as a low environmental impact metal that is both cost-effective and gaining popularity.

This house sits on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean with the property divided by an inner courtyard.  The main house faces the ocean and a guest house sits behind.  The materiality of this house includes a beautiful blend of Rheinzink, stainless steel details, walnut millwork, steel-troweled stucco, concrete block, and cast glass partitions.


RHEINZINK America Inc., www.rheinzink.com

Alcoa Architectural Products, www.alcoaarchitecturalproducts.com

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