Having good music in your life is easier than ever now.  Portable, wireless speakers that connect to our smart phones are everywhere.  A Bluetooth connection with speaker systems are a simple and quick way to have your favorite music wherever you are.  Why not expect great design too?

The Jambox, by Jawbone, comes in three sizes and a a wide variety of fun colors.  The 6” version has amazing sound quality for its size.  It easily fits into the palm of your hand to carry or to tuck in a bag.  A Mini Jambox — a slimmer version of the 6” model — is a new product.  The larger 10” version is more stationary but still also easy to take to a picnic, boat ride or a business meeting. All sizes are at reasonable price.

Jawbones also comes in a variety of patterns for the grill of the speaker, such as diamond, wave, hex, or dot.  You can even design your own on their website, choosing your metal design and colors. 

The company promotes the speakers as not only for leisure but also great for conference calling.

The two things I love most about the jambox are the excellent sound quality and that its beautiful to look at as well.


Jambox-V2-600x270 Jawbone-Mini-Jambox
White_inhands_LG jambox-mini-bluetooth-speakers-designboom021
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