Montauk Modern, Part 2


This 1.6 acre site, formerly a horse ranch, is located at one of the highest elevations in Montauk and affords some stunning views in all directions. The 7,000 square foot home is designed around a modern interpretation of the Montauk historic house typology of cedar-shingles and low-pitched gabled roofs.  The house is very linear with angled landscaping to step down the hillside.  A wood-screened bridge unifies the two distinct portions of the bar.

The house has no one path or circulation rather the goal was to allow for relaxing exploration through the house for the summer residents.  A grass and paver courtyard sits within the house.  Each space has its own feel, creating different light and proportions in each different areas.  Distant views to the ocean and the lake also celebrate the summertime experience.

Large openings of glass, cedar shingles, concrete and bluestone make up the majority of the materials – all lending itself to a warm and beachhouse atmosphere, capturing the spirit of the place.

Genius-Loci-House-Bates-Masi-1 Genius-Loci-House-Bates-Masi-2-600x397
Genius-Loci-House-Bates-Masi-8-600x397 Genius-Loci-House-Bates-Masi-13-600x400
Genius-Loci-House-Bates-Masi-3-600x857 Genius-Loci-House-Bates-Masi-9-600x401
Unknown-1  Unknown

Photos by Michael Moran.

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