Cape Cod Modernism


The Cape Cod landscape is made up of a unique composition of beaches, tidal marshes, glacial ponds and thick green forests.  The compelling colors and quality of light have attracted artists and designers for years.  Since the early nineteenth-century many great architects and artists, such as the Saarinen family, Florence and Hans Knoll, Walter Gropius, Saul Steinberg, and Marcel Breuer, spent time on the Cape, socializing, vacationing and building homes to produce their work.

Many of these original Bauhaus designers and other artists found the landscape so inspiring that a vibrant community of artists and architects convened and worked there for decades.

Today the Cape Cod Modernist House Trust is actively preserving and protecting many of these modernist homes on the Cape.  The Trust began as a small grassroots non-profit organization in 2007 and is now archiving and saving the over 100 modernist houses on the Cape.

One can have a unique modern vacation (for a cost) in one of these homes, and live as these great designers did.  I had the good fortune of doing so and feeling the captivating merging of modernism and this stunning landscape.  The Trust also has issued a new book, Cape Code Modern: Midcentury Architecture and Community on the Outer Cape, to help fund the much needed preservation of these landmarks. Buy it and pick out your dream summer house. 


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