Back before I had babies, I drove a Mini Cooper.  I had one of the first ones that came out after they were reintroduced in the early 2000’s.  I loved my silver with black-striped MINI for so many reasons…one of which was that the size stood as a statement against the super-sized, gas-guzzling SUV’s that have taken over our roads.

Today I feel like our society appreciates the small car again with the wide selection of well designed, beautiful, efficient, small cars out there. A favorite of mine is the MINI Countryman — small, well designed, safe (airbags everywhere) fun to drive and, well, it has a bit of retro-Euro cool.

The MINI now comes in many different sizes, shapes and options.  I loved that I could go online and design and build our MINI with different colors, patterns, stripes  and pick it up at the dealer a few weeks later.  Today this is common place with cars, but the MINI was really the first when it came to designing your own personalized car online.

Another great thing about the MINI is their striking website.  Even years after its launch, it has not changed much — still easy to negotiate and graphically well designed with fun facts that make for a great fan page.


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