Russel Wright


Russel Wright is an early American industrial designer who lived between 1904-1976.  He was once quoted as saying that the “table is the center of the home.”  Russel Wright’s dinnerware is considered one of America’s first colorful, modern ceramics and between 1939 and 1959, one of the best selling.  His designs are simple, modern and ergonomically elegant.  He also worked in aluminum and wood, and was a talented furniture designer, architect and landscape architect.  He believed in designing his entire world.

Russel Wright Studios still exists today as a licensed design firm based out of Garrison, New York.  Wright is one of America’s first modernist who successfully brought good design to all.  As an interesting note, I love that Wright wrote a book in 1950 with his wife Mary titled, Guide to Easier Living, that describes how to reduce work and increase leisure time with better and more efficient design within your house!

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