Net Zero House


What does it mean to live in a net-zero energy house?  For one thing, it means the house is designed and built with sustainability in mind, from designing for cross-ventilation, thermal/solar heat gains, and using sustainable materials. It also means you live with a house that is integrally connected to the landscape around it and with that, enjoy your house living and breathing much like a living organism.

This home was designed by Moore Ruble Yudell in Santa Monica California, clearly an environment where a house could easily become ‘one’ with its temperate setting.  This house is not only beautiful but is designed to be good to the earth.  The home has photovoltaic panels that produce a net surplus of energy and save about 180,000 pounds of CO2 emissions in one year.  The windows are designed to optimize cooling in the summer and heat in the winter months.  Solar water panels provide hot water, pool heating and radiant heat throughout the home.

Additionally, the materials are well chosen.  The house is made from 100% engineered lumber, formaldehyde-free millwork, zero or low VOC paints, recycled steel, glass and aluminum. They also used 100% FSC-certified plywood and wood.  Clearly a ‘heatlhy’ house but also a beautiful house.

net_zero_georgina_residence_moore_ruble_yudell_17-800x533 net_zero_georgina_residence_moore_ruble_yudell_10-800x533
net_zero_georgina_residence_moore_ruble_yudell_14-800x1200 net_zero_georgina_residence_moore_ruble_yudell_01-800x1102
net_zero_georgina_residence_moore_ruble_yudell_09-800x1200 net_zero_georgina_residence_moore_ruble_yudell_05-800x1200
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