Iittala Glass

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In 1881 in a small village called Iittala, in southern Finland, a modest glass factory was born.  After years of progressive and cutting edge design in glassware, today the company is a recognizable name for quality glass design employing a wide host of Finnish designers.  Iittala embraced early Modernism and the Bauhaus designers of the 1920’s.

Take a look at these glass candlesticks above.  They are are from the Festivo line and available in all heights.  Simple, unique and beautiful.  Iittala also makes glass art as well as utilitarian cookware and tableware representing many Scandinavian designers.  Architect Alvar and Aino Aalto’s notorious glassware began with Iittala and is still today one of design’s proudest masterpieces.  The organic shape of Aalto’s vase is now available in a wide range of glass colors, sizes, and heights.



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