In Praise of Brick


Brick today has amazing design opportunities and versatility.  It’s one of the oldest continually-used building materials.  And the flexibility it gives a designer is rewarding.

I grew up only knowing red brick — especially after attending the University of Virginia — known for its beautiful Virginia red clay bricks.  But what I love about brick today is its range of colors other than red.  My personal favorite are the white bricks that allow for a more modern look.  There are bricks also available in grays that can mimic stone, creams, pinks, browns and another favorite, blacks.  This may sound like an info-mercial, but I do think brick can be a great, authentic material choice today in lieu of the “ye old world” stone veneers we are seeing everywhere in new construction.

Here are three reasons why brick is a great material:  1. It is time-tested – we all know how it performs (great) and how it is constructed.  Its authentic and not trying to look like something else, (for the most part).  2. The unit range of color, shape, texture, size is vast — it’s almost like designing your own brick today with the endless choices to suit your design.  3. If desired the ‘hand-held’ brick allows for a range of creativity in construction like no other material.  Perhaps you want a wall built, a patio laid, or even a house built, the way in which the brick is laid allows for endless opportunities.  Take a look at these images:

brick-weave-house-chicago-illinois-surratt-jack-portrait Diamond_f
Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan_dezeen_2 HamiltonBlend
cimg2100 VenetianBlendBR
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