Lucy Smith


Lucy Smith is a creative designer from Alabama with an unique eye for seeing the beauty in materials.  After spending time in her husband’s family’s steel company, she took note of all the sensational things about welding and the allure of metals.  Taking these notes on welding and metal scraps to her workshop, she designed and refined to produce a line of gorgeous metal tables.

Lucy Smith Designs was started in 2010 with twelve pieces of furniture, and now today she has more than forty listed on her website that now include seating and dining tables.

As an architect we find great beauty in the raw and industrial side of materials.  I love the greyness and unfinished quality of raw steel, yet I also love how Lucy Smith has taken that rawness and refined it to an elegant, colorful and interior function.  Bravo, well done!

accent-tables-01-1 coffee-tables-05
coffee-tables-04 accent-tables-11
console-tables-04 coffee-tables-12




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